For some people, it is all about their brows while others cannot fathom a world where they don’t have access to their lipstick stash or massive perfume collection. For others, eyeliner is their addiction. If you have more liners than you can count and you could spend hours just swatching blank liners at Sephora, you definitely fall into the category. Welcome to the club.

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These are the other signs that you love eyeliner:

1. You own more eyeliners than pens.

You can always find eyeliners, but you can never seem to find pens. It would be great if you could write with your eyeliners, but you know that they are far too precious to ever do that.


2. You know that all black eyeliners aren’t not created equal.

Black is a tricky shade to get right and sometimes what is labeled black is often a very deep gray. You know this because you have spent a considerable amount of time swatching black liners to find a proper black hue.


3. You have been known to cut a liquid eyeliner brush to create the perfect shape.

Sometimes an eyeliner has the right shape, but it gets warped with use so you have to take matters into your own hands. Other times, you wanted to “improve” the product so you have tried shaving a few spots and snipping so straggly bits.

4. You are obsessed with the finish your eyeliner as much as the color.

It’s not just about metallic, glitter, matte and sparkly with you. No way. You also take a long, hard look at opacity and the amount of shine in your liner. You have spent many hours staring in the mirror with one eye open and one closed as you assess your own eyeliner.


5. You could probably do your feline flick without looking.

You would never recommend anyone actually do it, but you are pretty sure that you could create a decent flick without looking in the mirror. You have done it so many times that you’re pretty sure it is second nature at this point.


6. You would trade all the eyeshadows in the world for an endless supply of liner.

Eyeshadows are great, but they don’t create that graphic finish you can get with liner. Besides, you can create an eyeshadow look with your liner by coloring on your lid.

7. You embrace all of the eyeliner trends.

There is no such thing as an eyeliner look that is “too wild.” You’re into layered liner, floral eyeliner, slime liner and knife liner. You even gave penis eyeliner a try.


8. You have been known to get a little too upset if you break a liner or it dries up.

It isn’t just the money wasted that’s the issue. It’s the fact that one of your favorite liners is messed up and now you have to go and find another one to wear even though you want to wear this one. Sigh.
9. You know the perfect length for a felt liquid liner tip.

Some tips are too long while some are too short. You have figured out the perfect sized tip to 1/16 of an inch. You are so good that you don’t even need to measure different eyeliners. You know the right size just by looking at them.