Some people are lipstick lovers while others are constantly on the hunt for the best mascara. Then there are those who absolutely adore perfume. If you fall into the last camp, you are probably nodding in agreement while daydreaming about ways you can expand your already impressive collection of scents. And that is just where things begin.

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These are the other signs that you are definitely addicted to perfume:

1. You cannot understand people who have one signature scent.

Seriously, how? Do they not know how many different options there are? Do they realize all of the amazing scents they are missing out on? You have a different one for every mood, event and day of the week.

2. You feel naked if you aren’t wearing perfume.

You would probably feel less awkward leaving the house without pants than leaving the house without perfume.

3. You always have some sort of fragrance within arm’s reach.

You have a collection of little vials and solid perfumes in your purse and you always have a spray on your desk. You even have a scented necklace just in case your misplace all of your other perfumes.

4. You will go to the most random spots to get a fragrance.

If there is a perfume bottle out there, you will get it. You will pay ridiculous shipping costs, cross borders and go to the most random areas to get that elusive bottle. And it’s always worth it.

5. Your dream is to create your own bespoke scent.

You’re already a pro at mixing and matching the perfumes you have in your collection, but you want to take it to the next level by having a Nose create a fragrance for you. The only issue would be narrowing it down to just one scent.

6. There are few things more satisfying than watching someone fill up a perfume bottle.

Forget nail polish mixing videos and GIFs of blackhead strips behind ripped off, you could watch that perfume being poured over and over.

7. You daydream about giving up your job, moving to France and becoming a perfume expert.

You want to be a Nose soooo badly. You don’t care how long it takes and how complicated it is. You are convinced that it’s the best thing ever and you are certain  it is going to happen in the future.

8. If you have one fragrance, you have to have all of the spin-offs.

If you love a scent, it is only logical that you are going to like all of the limited-edition versions of it. The only bad thing is that you have to stockpile them because they become hard to find. You have also been known to buy one perfume in all of the different sized bottles just because.

9. You frequently guess the scents that people are wearing.

And you have at least a 90% success rate. Sometimes you can even guess whether they are wearing a EDP or the EDT version.