We love any sort of beauty tool that promises to make it easier to apply our makeup. Similarly, we cannot resist a cute emoji whether it’s a winking one, one with its tongue hanging out or one giving major heart eyes. When you combine the two of them together, you get the Sistar Cosmetics Emoji Silisponges ($15), which are equal parts functional and adorable.

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Popsugar reported that the adorable Emoji Silisponges are a teardrop-shaped makeup applicator that is crafted out of silicone. Unlike other makeup applicators, the silicone means the Silisponge won’t absorb any of the product so it all ends up on your face. That means less makeup waste and an easy time blending. Because of the nonabsorbent finish, the sponge is also easy to clean.


A plain Silisponge is already awesome for the reasons mentioned about and for the fact that its unique shape allows you to use it on your entire face. But, why have a plain makeup applicator when you can have a pretty one? That’s why Sistar Cosmetics now has the emoji sponges.

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There are six adorable Emoji SiliSponges to choose from: OMG ($15), OIC ($15), LOL ($15), G2G ($15), JK ($15), and OG ($15). If you’re having trouble deciding, you can also get a three-pack of Silisponges for $30. That means that you’re really getting one sponge for free. What’s more, you get to choose the three emoji sponges. Now, that’s a deal that we would use the happy face emoji for.


(Photos: Silisponge)