We’re almost halfway through October. If you haven’t already played around with some Halloween nail art, it’s about time you did.  You could go for a traditional black and orange manicure, or you could try a manicure inspired by witches. If you want something a bit creepy, a skeleton manicure is where it’s at. It may not have blood or stitches, but it will still make a spooky statement.

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Scroll down to see 12 skeleton manicure ideas you will want to rock all of October:

1. White Bones on Black Nails

This is a fun manicure that even nail art newbies can pull off.


2. Black Nails With White Skeletons


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It’s all about that creepy pose with this skeleton manicure. They’re coming for you.


3. Marble Manicure with Skull

Pairing a marble manicure with a skull is unexpected, but it actually really works.


4. Gray and Peach Skull Nails

Add a bit of color into your skull manicure with contrasting tips. This peach and gray combination is unexpected.


5. Jack Skellington Head and Stripes

You cannot have a skeleton manicure list without having the one and only Jack Skellington


6. Sparkly Black Skeletons

If skeletons went to a disco, this is probably what it would look like.


7. Skeleton Bones

The white skeleton bones against the natural nails actually really pop.


8. White Skeletons On Red Nails

Add a pop of color into your manicure with a bright background color. Don’t be afraid to try something besides orange.


9. Matte Black Nails with White Skeletons

Awww, look at the little skeleton couple. The white bones and orange accents pop against the matte black background.


10. White Bone Accent Nails

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Remember: You don’t need to paint all of your nails with bones. Sometimes a few accent nails will do the trick.


11. White and Black Skeletons with Pink and Black Spiderwebs

Combine two creepy patterns into one look with this fun design.


12. Rainbow Skulls and Crossbones

Still playing catch up with my monthly challenges but I'm determined so I'm just going to keep going lol. These are my Halloween in May nails for the #clairestelle8may @clairestelle8challenge – I loved the neon skeletons @clairestelle8 did for hers so I thought, yesss I'm 'bout to neon some skeletons like a BOSS ??? Welllll… I sort of brined some skeletons more like an employee on their first day of work than like a boss. If I weren't so behind I would have a redo but nope…no time gotta keep 'em coming lol!!! I used @blisspolish AMAZING cream neons – I finally put those on the shelf because they really call my name asking to be included in every mani, and I love them so much I'm like "heck yeah you creamy neons, get on these nails!" ?? I also used my stamping plate from Cynthia @bornprettyreview for the skeleton stamping. They have crazy cheap prices on everything!! Shipping is international but it's FREE and it's never taken very long to get my stuff! If you check them out and find something you like don't forget to use my code listed in the bio for 10% off their regular priced items. Stay tuned for funny nailart video where I watermarble ALL 4 fingers in one dip!! Yeah….told you, gotta keep these manis coming until I'm caught up ? #clairestelle8challenge #skeleton #skeletonnails #halloweenmanicure #halloweennails #halloweennailart #nails #nails? #nailartheaven #nailartpromote #nailartoohlala #nailsdone #nailart #nailartlove #nailartaddicts #nailartwow #nailartoftheday #watermarble #watermarblenailart #stamping #stampingnails #stampingnailart #stampingnaildesign #bornprettyreview #bornprettynailart #bornprettystore

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This has plenty of color, but it’s still got the appropriate Halloween spook.