Gold and Silver Skin CareThere are a lot innovative and fancy skin care ingredients. Crocodile oil, anyone? Or how about this $13,000 moisturizer? However, you cannot get more fancy than gold and silver. I’m not talking about gold and silver makeup, I’m talking about skin care products made with actual gold or silver. Do not be surprised. If there are platinum and diamond manicures, there needs to be gold and silver skin care products. You might write them off as gimmicks, or being way out of your price range, but gold and silver have been used in skin care for awhile. They can help brighten skin, fight the signs of aging and boost hydration. As for price, you can get a lot of gold and silver skin care products for way less than jewelry.

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Take a look at skin care products made with gold and silver:

1. 24K Gold Pure Luxury Cleansing Butter ($55, Peter Thomas Roth)Peter Thomas Roth Gold Cleansing Butter

The name says it all with this one. What could be more luxurious than washing your face with a 24K gold cleansing butter? Yes, butter not cleanser. The solid-to-oil formula melts away makeup and impurities. The gold-infused formula is especially good for dry skin.

2. Gel Primer 24K Gold Complex – Brighten ($39, NuFACE)NuFACE Gold Primer Brighten

If you have a NuFACE microcurrent device, use this treatment with it for a younger, fresher appearance. It ensures maximum microcurrent conductivity, and it also contains licorice root extract to brighten skin.

3. Silver Powder ($12, Mario Badescu)Mario Badescu Silver Powder

You might think that you apply this silver powder to your face as part of your makeup routine, but this is a skin care treatment. Apply the powder using a damp cotton ball to any congested areas then rinse off after ten minutes. Use once or twice a week and it will help clear them up.

4. Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Rubber Mask ($20, Peach & Lily)Shangree Gold Modeling Mask

 Modeling masks are a treat to use, but this one is more luxurious than your charcoal or vitamin E varieties. This mask contains gold and Asian botanicals to help remove impurities, boost moisture retention and give you a flawless complexion.

5. Goodal Premium Gold Snail Sleeping Pack ($30, Club Clio)Goodal Gold Snail Sleeping Pack

This sleeping mask contains snail extract and real gold. Apply the mask before you go to bed and the rich formula helps to fight the skins of aging while brightening your complexion.

6. Gold Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm ($36, Tatcha)

Tatcha Gold Leaf Lip Balm

We had gold leaf hair, and now we have gold leaf lip balm. The luxe lip balm contains hand-laid 24-karat gold leaf which adds a subtle shimmer to your pout. Apply it with your fingertip for a moisturized, shimmery finish.

7. Shangpree Silver Premium Modeling Rubber Mask ($20, Peach & Lily)Shangree Silver Mask

This is the silver version of Shangpree’s rubber masks. The silver gel is formulated with ingredients that brighten and wake up skin. Mix the silver gel with the collagen powder, then apply it to your face.

8. Lindsay Gold Modeling Mask ($6, Glow Recipe)Lindsay Gold Modeling Mask

This modeling mask comes in a few different varieties, but the gold version is perfect if you are in need a boost of hydration. The mask calms skin and helps reduce inflammation, so you can get your face back under control.

9. Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm VIP Gold ($20, Sokoglam)Skin 79 BebeBlemishThese is a lot of stuff packed into this slim bottle. The BB cream has the benefits of skin care and makeup products, and it contains gold and caviar extracts as well as Osmopur, an all-natural mix of sunflower, rice bran, and ivy.

10. Silver Clarifying Wash ($59, Sonya Dakar)Sonya Dakar Silver Skin Wash

If you have acne-prone skin, try this face wash. The oil-free formula contains active probiotics, silver ions and sebum regulators to control breakouts so you can skip the foundation.