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To dream the impossible dream! To reach that unreachable star!
All-One, All-One we are! To fight that unbeatable foe! To go where the brave dare not go! To right the unrightable wrong! To love pure, chaste, from afar! To try when your arms are too weary! ‘Til All- One, All-One we are! For this is my goal! To reach that unreachable star. No matter how hopeless, no matter how far! To fight for the right without question or pause, to be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause! For I know that if I follow this glorious quest, my heart will lie peaceful & calm when I’m laid to my rest! And I know that the world will be better for this, that one man, tortured, blinded, covered with scars, still strove with his last ounce of courage, to reach that unreachable star ’til united All-one, All-one we are!
Lyrics from “The Impossible Dream,” from the 1965 Don Quixote musical, The Man of La Mancha. Most famously sun by Jim Nabors on an episode of Gomer Pyle.

A fire, a mist, a planet, a crystal & a cell; a jellyfish, a dinosaur, caves where cavemen dwell! Then, a sense for work-love-song-art-law-play-beauty, a face turned up from the sod! Sure, it’s constructive-evolution, guided by One, ever-recreating God!
See William Carruth’s 1915 poem, Each In His Own Tongue.
One almighty, all-embracing, ever-loving, everevolving Eternal Father, guiding all mankind up from dust, driven by hungers, half-true hate, up by hard work, full-truth, great love, song speech-&-Profitsharing State, up into the Kingdom. the dictatorship of God’s law uniting All-One-God-Faith; “Listen Children Eternal Father Eternal One!” Exceptions? None! Thank God we don’t descend down from perfect Adam & Eve to sinful sinner. Brother’s Keeper, divided slave! United-brave, from dust we ascend up! Thank God for that! Our Brother’s Teacher of the Moral ABC, Hillel taught Jesus to unite all mankind tree:
Repeated from Part I.
1st: perfect thyself!
From James Allen, pioneer of the self-help movement: “Perfect Love is perfect Peace. He who dwells with it has completed his pilgrimage in the underworld of sorrow. With mind calm and heart at rest, he has banished the shadows of grief, and knows the deathless Life. If thou wouldst perfect thyself in Knowledge, perfect thyself in Love. If thou wouldst reach the Highest, ceaselessly cultivate a loving and compassionate heart.”
2nd; work brave! 3rd: unite to help teach all, every slave, the Moral ABC, lightning-like 6 billion strong we’re All-One. As astronomer Israel teaches, ‘Listen Children: Eternal Father Eternal One!’ Exceptions? None!

Einstein, 1939, after Nazis & Commies united, proposed Bombs that destroy all, unless we teach lightning-like the whole Human race the Moral ABC uniting All-One-God-Faith!
Probably a reference to the Szilard letter.
For we’re All-One or none! As teach all astronomers since the Year One, Abraham-lsrael-Moses-Buddha-Hillel-Jesus, Spinoza-Paine, Sagan & Mohammed, inspired every 76 years, for 6000 years, by the Messenger of God’s Law, the Messiah, Halley’s Comet, the Blazing Star of Abraham-David-Buddha-Bethlehem & Mohammed!
Halley’s Comet passes the Earth every 75 to 76 years. Possibly referenced by ancient Jewish scholars in the Babylonian Talmud: “The latter answered him, ‘A certain star rises once in seventy years and leads the sailors astray, and I suspected it might rise and lead us astray.'”
Free Speech is man’s only weapon against half-truths that enslave! Full-truth, our only God, unites all brave, if 10 men guard Free Speech brave!
Ten men (or women, depending upon the denomination) is the traditional number required to form a minyan in Judaism.
Berlin Rabbi Baeck, Einstein Rabbis Buber – Israel – Levey – Liebman & after 66 million Marxist murders, tortured-blinded, soapmaker Bronner found: “The mark of the mature man is his ability to work brave, teaching all, every slave, African astronomer Israel’s 6000 yr. great All-One-God-Faith: Listen Children E1emal Father Eternal One! We’re All-One or none!” Berlin Rabbi Baeck; teaching how united only we survive, survive!
Rabbi Leo Baeck was a leader of the progressive Judaism movement who served on the council of elders in the Theresienstadt concentration camp.

1st: If I’m not for me, who am I? Nobody! 2nd: yet, if I’m only for me, what am I? Nothing! 3rd: If not now, when?
Compare with Romans 8:31.
Once more: Unless constructive-selfish I work hard, like Mark Spitz, perfecting first me, absolute nothing can help perfect me!
4: Only hard work can save us, but if we teach only our clan? We’re all hated then! So, we must teach friend & enemy, the whole Human race, the full-truth, hard-work, free speech, press-&-profit sharing Moral ABC’s All-One-God-faith, lightning-like, 6 billion strong, for we’re All-One or none!
See Matthew 28:19, “The Great Commission.”
All-One-God-Faith, as teach the African shepherd-astronomers Abraham & Israel, for 6000-years, since the year 1: ‘Listen Children Eternal Father Eternal One!”-We’re One! All-One!

11th: Essene & Chinese birth controls must reduce birth or Easter Isle type overpopulation destroys God’s Spaceship Earth! God’s law prevents all conception below pH3. Therefore, Essene contracepted for 400 years with rosehips, pH2! So, absolute clean, apply vaseline, oil, butter or cream, insert teaspoonful juicy lemon pulp, pH2. O.K.! Next day, douche with qt. soapy water, pH8, restoring pH5 balance God made! Eggwhite is pH9, Dr. Bronner’s Soap, pH8, guaranteed the mildest made; below pH8 soaps biodegrade, synthetic-sulfides cannot. At conception, 10 grams contain 100 million humans! or… 10 humans in 1 invisible microgram – smaller than dust!
Not a recommended method of birth control.
Absolute cleanliness is Godliness!
From the writings of Phinehas ben Yair: “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”
Then, who else but God gave man Love that can spark mere dust to life! The Moral ABC, uniting All One, brave, all life. Who else but God! Who else!

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