People who don’t like tattoos are always asking questions of the tattooed like, “What if you change your mind?” The answer usually involves being pretty sure one won’t change one’s mind, or some variety of dealing with the regretted tattoo like a grown-up. And it’s an especially silly question because now people can just get them removed if they regret them enough. Like Kelly Osbourne, who treated us all to a little video of her tattoo removal this week.

Kelly Osbourne has at least 15 tattoos that she got as a teenager, and she’s since changed her mind about most of them. She says she plans on getting almost all of the tattoos removed eventually, and this week she started with a keyboard on her arm. (Hopefully the big anchor will go next.)

Getting the tattoo removed appears way more painful than getting a tattoo put on. Just listen to the pained little noises she makes in this removal video:

“I did the crime I am now doing the time! #NoPainNoGain!” she wrote.

It’s pretty awesome to see the laser at work. We were surprised to see just how quickly the tattoo removal went. But the speed does not seem to make the process any less painful.

Afterwards, she got a giant bandage and a starfish-shaped ice pack for the wound.

It’s pretty awesome to see the laser at work, though. We were surprised to see just how quickly it went.

The keyboard was the first to go, as Osbourne says she doesn’t play the piano and doesn’t even remember why she got it. She said she considers some of the tattoos to be meaningful and might keep those, but the vast majority she got just as a way of acting out against her parents.

“When I was younger I really do think that tattoos were my way of self-harming because I really knew it would upset my mum and dad,” she said. “I was miserable and I just went and got all these tattoos and I don’t know why.”

She surely knows her life and her parents better than I do, but I was surprised to hear about her adolescent rebellion. Getting tattoos seems like a weird way to rebel against Ozzy Osbourne. That would be like my rebelling from my parents by getting really into Italian wine and Republican politics.

Via The Daily Mail/Photos: WENN, Instagram/KellyOsbourne