lush-fresh-face-mask-oatifix(Image via Lush)

I’m doing a pretty good job of resisting the lure of the after-Christmas sales this year, but I would have to be made out of stone to skip the after-Christmas sale at Lush. Lush makes many very fun and nice-smelling bath bombs and bubble baths. I love them, but I always feel a little guilty paying between $5 and $9 for a one-use product, no matter how foamy and nice-smelling it is. But after every major holiday,  Lush has a huge sale where all the holiday-themed products are half price. Half-priced Lush products are a pretty good deal, and I certainly don’t care about using a Santa-shaped bath bomb in January, so I always run over after a big holiday to stock up on half-priced seasonal bath products.

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But this year, while I was gathering up all the foamy Santas and sparkly present-shaped bath bombs that I will be using until July, a delicious smell drew me over to the fresh face masks.

Lush’s fresh face masks are amazing. They aren’t like the masks you buy in the store and keep in your cupboard for six years until it seems like a fun idea to put on a very old mud mask and some Crest White Strips. In fact you have to keep the Lush masks in the refrigerator and use them quickly, because they are made with fresh ingredients and spoil like out of date leftovers.

The masks were not seasonal and thus not on sale, but there was a new one on display that smelled like garlic. I really like garlic. As I was sniffing it and imagining all the powerful beauty-boosting benefits of fresh garlic, a staff member explained that it is really great for oily and acne-prone skin. I sighed and put it back, because that is not me. My skin is very dry, especially now that it’s the middle of winter.

As usual, the staff member heard about my skin problems and recommended the Oatifix fresh mask, which is made with oatmeal and mashed banana. Everyone recommends that one to me because of my dry skin, but I usually leave with a more interesting mask like the BB Seaweed or something with clay and pepper. I just like the idea of weird ingredients, and oatmeal and bananas seem terribly mundane by comparison.

But the winter has been doing a number on my skin, so this time I went along with it and bought the Oatifix. Now that I’ve tried it, I wish I had bought it years ago. It’s smooth and cold and feels really soft and luxurious going onto the skin. It smells like porridge and the ingredients list makes it look like something you’d feed a toddler.

The oatmeal is calming, while the banana softens the skin, and the whole thing smells like vanilla. After rinsing it off, my skin still felt like it was being actively moisturized.

Also, because it is not a clay mask, it stays soft and does not harden on one’s face, which is good if one tends to get distracted on Twitter and forget to take their masks off.

Lush makes a lot of brilliant face masks, but if you have dry, sensitive skin that is giving you trouble during the winter, Oatifix could be the solution you’re looking for.