Basically lighter fluid


Actually, make that 23 sunscreens that will catch on fire and kill you.

Be sure to add “flammable sunscreen” to your list of things to worry about today. Energizer Holdings, the group that owns the Banana Boat skincare line, has recalled 23 of their products after reports that users’ skin had caught fire after applying. “If a consumer comes into contact with a flame or spark prior to complete drying of the product on the skin, there is a potential for the product to ignite,” an official statement warned. Since the affected spray bottles dispense too much sunscreen, it takes several minutes for the product to dry – several minutes that are ripe for fire-igniting, apparently, because these alcohol-based sprays are crazy flammable.

At least five people have suffered burns after the sunscreen was already applied to their skin, including Brett Sigworth, a man who applied Banana Boat sunscreen on his chest and back moments before walking over to his grill, where “the charcoal simply caught the vapor trail” and charred his torso. “I think if people were told this is flammable for two minutes on your skin, people wouldn’t use it,” Brett said, displaying admirable restraint. There have been at least four similar torchings over the last few months in Canada and the United States. Let us take the lesson embedded in these sunscreen-induced combustions and remember that no one is ever truly safe, no matter where they are or how many precautions they take. The flames will find you.


[Image via Edelman]