There are now a lot of different sheet masks to choose from. Therefore, it takes something really specially to standout among the crowd. Skin Inc‘s new collection, the Facial In A Flash Sheet Mask series, definitely does because it’s the first customizable sheet mask range.

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Skin Inc is known for its customizable serums so translating the customizable approach into sheet masks makes perfect sense. The Facial In A Flash Sheet Mask series is different from your standard sheet masks because it allows you to personalize your treatment depending on the different areas of your face. For example, if you’re concerned about fine lines on one part of your face, but you’re looking for a glow in another part, the Flash Sheet Mask series allows you to target both treatments at once thanks to it’s half-face hydrogel masks that you can mix and match.

The Facial In A Flash Sheet Mask series includes three different variations: Soothe-n-Purify Black Gold Mask, Lines Be-Gone Rose Gold Mask and Get Glowin Platinum Mask. Each one targets a different concern as the names imply, but they are all formulated with Skin Inc’s fortifying signature serums, precious metals and plant extracts. And when you mix-and-match the masks, you have nine different possible combinations.

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And to add a bit more Instagram appeal to the collection, the masks are available in dazzling metallic shades including gold, rose gold and platinum.

If you’re curious about Skin Inc’s Facial In A Flash Sheet Mask series, you can pick up the masks exclusively from the Skin Inc website. Each sheet mask retails for $12 or you can get a bento box collection for $33. Happy experimenting.