When you think of CES, you think of a million on one things that can change your life by basically beeping at you. You probably don’t think of skincare.

But skincare giant L’Oreal is here to change your mind on what it means to be conscious about your skin in a technological age. During the annual Consumer Electronics Show, the company debuted what they’re calling the “My UV Patch” and it’s about to drastically shift how we think about wearable tech. The smart patch can be places anywhere on the body and helps track how much you’re exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun by changing color.

The patch, which is in the shape of a pixelated heart, is filled with photosensitive blue dye that the user then takes a photo of, uploads to L’Oreal’s app, and that app will tell you exactly what the patch picked up on. Guive Balooh, the global VP of L’Oreal’s Technology Incubator told Refinery29 that “The key point is to really understand the amounts of exposure you have, even day-to-day, just going to work, walking outside. Having an application won’t tell you that. You need to measure it.”

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“The issue is not when to reapply,” Balooch told “The issue is how much exposure do I have.”

Wearables have been a sticking point in the tech industry for years, with so many different upgrades to brands like FitBit and Jawbone. Even wearables for your lady parts. It’s become a huge part of our advanced generation to make key parts of your everyday life easier and more integrated into your own body. My UV Patch does just that. By taking the thought process out of “Did I put on sunscreen today? Have I been outside for too long?” and worrying about the longterm damage that sun exposure does to a person’s skin,

While this may seem like another step into integrating wearable on or in our bodies for things like cellphones and fitness tracking, it seems L’Oreal is simply taking advantage of the advances in tech and using them for something far simpler than turning us into cyborgs.

Wearing sunscreen and being aware of sun exposure is a fundamental lesson that you’ve heard everyone from your mom, to Dita von Teese, to dermatologists tell you. It’s time to stop ignoring it, and My UV Patch is here to keep you from doing just that.

(Photo: L’Oreal)