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Surely, 2015 was the year of the matte lip and I don’t believe that 2016 will be any different. Literally all of my favorite brands decided to hop on the bandwagon and create some sort of matte lip color collection (which, trust me, I wasn’t mad about). It’s crazy to think that until last year I was wearing all kinds of lipsticks and now I find myself only picking them up if they’re matte. They look great, but it’s led me to a little problem.

Meet the Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer. It’s described as a “gel transformer” that can change any cream lipstick into one with a velvety-matte finish. And it does just that.

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As a lipstick hoarder, I spent years stacking up on lipsticks with all kinds of finishes—glossy, matte, satin, natural—now here I am with a collection of close to 100 lipsticks that aren’t matte and no desire to swipe them on. Talk about a waste of money. This is why I was so pumped when I found out Smashbox was creating a lip product that would instantly mattify any lip color with any finish. Simply genius, Smashbox, I see you.


At only $24 (the price of yet another lipstick), you can opt for this product instead of buying your favorite satin lip color in its matte counterpart. So, in reality this product is actually saving you money if you really think about it.

I decided to put this baby to the test with one of my all time favorite lipsticks, the NARS Audacious. I swiped on “Raquel”, one of the world’s most beautiful nudes and then generously tapped some Insta-Matte on top with my fingers (as you’re directed to on the website). As you can see from the before and after, the shit works.


I love that the Insta-Matte allows you to have that perfect matte finish that everyone loves without sacrificing comfort. Usually, matte liquid lipsticks can hardcore dry your lips out, but with this you can use your most moisturizing lipstick, put a little Insta-Matte on top and you’ll be left with the ideal matte finish.

My only worry with this product was that it would feel too heavy on my lips since I already had a lipstick on under it, but that simply wasn’t the case. It was super silky and comfortable. Smashbox, you really hit the nail right on the head with this one and for that, us matte lovers salute you.