I have had my tube of Smashbox O-Gloss for a couple of months now, it really takes me a while to decide on whether I *really* love a new product or not.  I feel safe to say, as I put it on my rebuy list, that this O-Gloss has really become a staple in my bag.  As a mother and (swear) a soccer mom, I am always running around here to there, half made up (or worse).  The O-Gloss is quick, small, and *oh so* convenient for giving me some good lip where there is none.

If you aren’t familiar with Smashbox’s “O” products, the special thing about them is that they start off clear and after a few moments on your skin, they turn into a lovely shade that looks like a natural flush.  I can’t speak for how it works for you, but it really works outstanding for me.  The color is a perfect clear pink that I adore.  The beneficial/active ingredients in O-Gloss are:  Gogi-Berry-C Complex, Ginko biloba, Marine plankton, Pomegranite seed and Avocado oil.  Yum. 

You can get O-Gloss and its sister product for the cheeks, O-Glow (which I haven’t tried yet, because I have somewhat of an aversion to cream/liquid products on my cheeks due to their tendency to get clogged pores), at Sephora.  O-Gloss is $22, O-Glow is $26.  Anyone out there paranoid about cheek pores that has tried the O-Glow?  It is a gel, it will *probably* be fine, but inquiring minds want to know. :)