I’m going to visit my family for a late holiday get-together next week. We will be staying at my sister, Robin’s house. Robin is a huge Twilight fan – both the movie and the books. Huge. In fact, she told me today that she is right now rereading the books. Here’s something that I think Robin would really enjoy, Twilight Perfume from Hot Topic. The bottle is reminiscent of the book’s famous cover – a fresh ripe red apple.


Limit one bottle per customer.

Twilight Perfume

The forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest! So take a bite of this apple-shaped bottle. It contains a delicious lavender and freesia scented perfume.Limited, and exclusive to Hot Topic!

2.7 fluid ounces. Imported.

My sister is not your typical Hot Topic customer, but it does appear to be the store to outfit shoppers in search of Team Edward gear.  Something else she would like is this limited edition Twilight t-shirt. Only 1000 of these t-shirts are available, so if you are a fan, get yours while you can. Also available in a black version.

Or this shirt that alludes to one of Edward’s special qualities……….

Looking for an Alice-style accessory?  How about Hot Topic’s version of Alice’s Choker


Image credit: Hot Topic.com