There are a lot of primers out there. But there aren’t any like Smith and Cult‘s Blackdrop Charcoal Brightening Primer ($32). Like the name implies, the primer is in fact black, courtesy of the charcoal. But, it magically becomes clear as it’s absorbed into skin, leaving complexions mattified and brighter.

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The closest thing we had to Smith and Cult’s Blackdrop Primer was when Smashbox launched white and black eyeshadow primers last year. The difference between the products is that Smashbox’s primers stayed their original color and were designed to preserve the colors of shadows. Smith & Cult’s Blackdrop Primer has a seamless finish and is meant for the face.

The secret is the unique water-packed gel formula. It changes color as it cools skin and leaves it with a matte finish without making skin feel tight. The entrapped water technology hydrates skin while black pearl extract plumps and smooths. Bamboo charcoal brightens and gives the primer its distinct color. Furthermore, the Blackdrop Primer contains light-diffusing agents to blur the appearance of pores so you might not even need to wear foundation.

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Of course the primer’s goal is to prime skin for makeup, too. It creates a soft canvas that helps products apply better and stay on.

Want to see the transforming primer in real life? You can shop it now at Ulta.