Smokey Eye(GIF: Tumblr)

If you think that there is only one type of smokey eye, and that involves a bit of smudged black and gray shadow, it is time to open up your mind. There are lots of different versions of the classic eye makeup look. Just take a look at the number of different ways Kristen Stewart has rocked a smokey look. She recently scored a Chanel eye makeup campaign so clearly she knows what she is doing. Even if you switch up your tried-and-true shadow look, you may not get a Chanel contract because of it, but at least you will have fun experimenting with new looks.

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Here are 14 easy ways to update your smokey eye:

1. Sparkly Smokey EyeSparkly Smokey Eye

The quickest way to update your regular smokey eye is to add a bit of sparkle to it. Choose a similar color to your shadows such as silver, gold or bronze. Put a bit of sparkle on the lid then carry it down to the lower lash line for more drama.

2. Black and Brown Smokey EyeBlack and Brown Smokey Eye

You like black smokey eyes and brown ones, so why not combine the two together? Use your regular black, white and gray shadows to create your basic look, then add a pop of brown in the outer crease. Make sure you blend it well.

3. Pink and Black Smokey EyePink and Black Smokey ye

Do not just save the pink for your lips, try incorporating it into your eye makeup look. You may be tempted to try a soft pink highlight, but if you’re feeling bold, a hot pink shade looks great with black on the lid.

4. Green and Navy Smokey EyeGreen and Navy Smokey Eye

If you’re comfortable mixing your black eyeshadow with one bold color, try swapping out the black shadow for navy. It’s a subtle difference, but it creates an entirely new look. This green and navy look is a good place to start.

5. Shimmery Purple Smokey EyeShimmery Purple Smokey Eye

It is surprising how soft other smokey eye colors can be. See this shimmery beige, purple and black smokey eye. The light color on the lid ensures that you will never look like you got two black eyes.

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6. Sparkly Brown and Peach Smokey EyeSparkly Brown and Peach Smokey Eye

Swapping your black shadow for brown is an excellent starting point if you’re nervous about looking like an ’80s pageant queen if you use colorful shadows. Once you get comfortable with chocolate browns, add in some glitter on the lid and a lighter peach shade.

7. Reddish Brown Smokey EyeReddish Brown Smokey EYe

You probably think that red is one of the last eyeshadow colors you would wear, but a reddish brown shadow is actually very easy to pull off. Mix it with chocolate browns and it will add a new dimension to your look.

8. White and Black Smokey EyeWhite and Black Smokey Eye

Lots of people are partial to a 1960’s eye makeup look, but pulling off opaque white shadow and black liner in your crease is tricky. The solution? Blend your white shadow in with your black smokey eye. It has a mod vibe but still looks modern.

9. Blue and Black Smokey EyeBlue and Black SMoeky Eye

You might think that your eyes will look bruised if you mix black and blue shadows, but one quick look at this will tell you that they won’t. It’s clever to use a black eye pencil under the shadow to get a really dark base.

10. Silver Smokey EyeSilver Smokey Eye

Metallic shadows and smokey eyes are two evening staples, so they are perfect to mix together. The black shadow on the outer corners of the eye has a similar vibe as a flick of liner.

11. White, Peach and Purple Smokey EyeWhite, Peach and Purple Smokey Eye

Do not be intimidated by the different colors. This finished look is actually very soft. The peach and purple shadows are only used on the outer corners of the eyes for a pop of color.

12. Peach, Purple and Pink Smokey EyePeach, Purple and Pink Smokey Eye

This look contains a lot of the same colors as the previous one, but it shows how different the final result can be depending on the intensity of the colors and wear you apply them.

13. Nude and Black Smokey EyeNude and Black Smokey Eye

This is another modern version of a 1960’s makeup look. Try to find a nude shadow that blends in very well with your skin so you will notice the smokey black outline first.

14. Ombre Smokey EyeOmbre SMokey Eye

Love ombre? Instead of just doing it in your hair, try a gradient look on your eyes. Almost any color combination will look good when blended with a bit of black shadow. This peach, turquoise and purple one is a look you should definitely try.