And now, a word from the most reasonable, respected, and articulate person in Hollywood: Snooki.

In case you thought the Jersey Shore star had run out of ways to shock and surprise, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has some unbelievably supportive and kind things to say about the media’s ridiculous obsession with women’s bodies. In her new book, Baby Bumps, whose title is probably a failed attempt at wordplay in reference to her signature hairstyle, Snooki opens up about her past struggles with anorexia and focusses a whole chapter around dealing with her pregnancy weight. She writes,

So much is made in the media about celebrity pregnancy weight gain. Some women have been mocked cruelly for it. Tabloid monitoring of how fast women lose the baby weight is practically a blood sport. If you weren’t on the cover of In Touch in a bikini within two months of giving birth to talk about your salsa workout, you were a fat, lazy loser.

Right on, Snook. It’s really despicable how much pressure we pile onto celebrity mothers. We’ve heard Tori Spelling admit that she nearly starved herself to whittle down after giving birth. We’ve seen new mom Jessica Simpson get treated like she’s only human when she’s thin. Kim Kardashian has made a career out of having a body and getting it photographed, and it’s still reprehensible how the media feels like there’s nothing off limits when it comes to discussing her pregnancy weight.

Snooki echoes our feelings and shows support for her fellow reality stars, writing,

Just look at how Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian were tracked and criticized in the media. Awful! Worrying about weight gain made the nine months even harder.

Seriously. When the voice of reason is someone who’s primarily famous for over-tanning, loving pickles, and getting punched in the face during bar fights, you know our culture has a problem. Maybe Snooki and Courtney Stodden can band together and start a group of unconventional celebrity feminists. They will lead us.

Via Page Six / Photo: WENN