The Jersey Shore‘s Nicole Polizzi (AKA Snooki) has apparently lost of a bunch of weight, like she’s been promising to for a while now. The 24-year-old reality show star has dropped to 103 lbs, five away from her goal weight of 98 lbs (she told Wendy Williams). Spurred by online criticism of her weight, Snooki decided to make serious changes to her diet and fitness plan, adding “I didn’t lose weight for them.  I did it for me.” [tagbox tag=”Snooki”]

We’re hoping you read through that extremely generic paragraph going, “What’s the catch?” Of course there’s a catch.

Snooki is shilling for diet pill Zantrex, or that’s what we’ve deduced from her tweeting about it (the Jersey Shore kids don’t tweet anything for free). She said, “Glad to hear reports that say I look good =) but it’s not because of HCG! Thanks @Zantrex!” Also, if you were concerned about Snooki taking HCG to lose weight, you can breathe again.

Anyway, if you were hate-following @Snooki before this, now may be a good time to stop… unless you want your feed suffocated by shots of untalented people wearing monokinis making duck face into raised camerphones.

(photo via her Facebook)