Self Magazine's Rock The Summer Party held at Kiss & Fly

Snooki at the Self Magazine party last night.

Remember how Snooki and one of her fellow cradles of humanity from the Jersey Shore finally found their bliss/inner peace/enlightenment by cutting carbs and hitting the elliptical? And how their lives are perfect now and they can finally be happy? So we’re up to speed.

Anyway, Snooki decided to discuss the source of her profound happiness with People at a Self Magazine party last night in New York. Here are the secrets to Snooki’s needs being met all at once, all the time:

“I work out in the gym seven days a week. I go with my trainer five days a week, I have a treadmill downstairs or I do crunches. I try to do something at least once a day.”

“It’s a part of my life – being fit is [a priority]. First was partying, now it’s my son and working out.”

Regarding the baby, Lorenzo (who turns 1 next month), Snooki added:

“I love my baby. He’s my best friend. I love just laying in our playroom and he just crawls on me and we cuddle and giggle. That’s like the best thing ever.”

Her best friend.

But of course, what with Snooki being a lady and all, they had to ask about work/life balance (women be balancin’).

…Or, in this case, going to Self parties/life balance (then again, she does spend a lot of time revealing how she got her post-baby bod):

“As long as you’re motivated and dedicated, it’s not hard at all.”

The 2.5 million dollars she made per season over at Jersey Shore probably helps too.

(via People, photo via Wenn)