Who wants to build a snowman? Better yet, who wants to stay inside in the warmth and “build” snowmen on their nails? You can do it with some snowman nail art. Like snowflake manicures, snowman manis are a great way to celebrate winter and the holidays. However, you can still sport them long after Christmas. In fact, you could keep experimenting with snowman manicures until the spring.

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Scroll down to see 13 adorable snowman manicure ideas:

1. Black and White Snowman

This color combination is unexpected, but evokes snow scenes at night.


2. Melted Snowman

Did your snowman manicure not turn out? Turn it into a melted snowmen. Or, make a melted snowmen to start.


3. Nature Nails With Snowmen

Love negative space nails? Riff on it with this falling snow and snowflake design.


4. Blue Snowmen Nails and Sparkles

Look at the pose on these snowmen. Love.


5. Blue Snowmen and Snowflake Nails

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Snowflakes and snowmen is a classic combination.


6. Snowman Accent Nail

Sometimes one snowman face is all you need.


7. Silver Snowmen

The metallic snowmen faces give a snowy effect.


8. Red and Green Snowman Nails

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Up the Christmas factor with some red and green nail polish.


9. Mauve Snowman and Snowflake Manicures

The muted mauve base is a pretty alternative to blue, but it still has that icy vibe.


10. Snowman Scarves and Snowy Scenes

The mix of close-up details and the snowy winter scene is striking.


11. Snowmen and Candy Cane Stripes

Snowmen plus candy canes? Yes, please.


12. Faded French Manicure and Snowmen

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For all minimalist nail art lovers.


13. Snowman Faces

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So simple and so cute.