If you thought that we’ve reach unicorn product saturation, you’re mistaken. We might have countless options, including unicorn snot, but there are still new launches coming out. One of the latest ones that is breaking the internet is the Soap Cherie Unicorn Bath Bomb.

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If you’re not already a fan, you’ll want to have Soap Cherie on your radar. The Brooklyn-based brand creates adorable bath and body products using natural and organic ingredients. Think cake slice and cupcake bath products that look good enough to eat. However, it’s the Unicorn Bath Bomb that is currently making its way around the internet.

We’ve  seen unicorn horn-shaped bubble bars courtesy of Lush, but Soap Cherie’s bath bomb is different. It is a multicolored half-dome shape with a tiny gold horn at the top.

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While it looks adorable from the photos, we all know that the true indication of a good bath bomb is what it looks like when you drop it in the tub. Thankfully Soap Cherie gave us a sneak peek with an Instagram post of the bath bomb as it melts into swirling pastel waters.

Have you added it to your must-buy list yet? POPSUGAR reports that the Soap Cherie Unicorn Bath Bomb will launch on March 28 on the Soap Cherie website and they will sell for $8 each. Start counting down now.

The Soap Cherie Unicorn Bath Bomb will launch on March 28 on the Soap Cherie website.