Lightning is no longer just relegated to the weather or Grease. There is a new Charlotte Cho x COSRX Triple C Lightning Liquid ($27) on the market that will make you obsessed with having “lightning” in your skincare regimen.

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To clarify, the Triple C Lightning Liquid does not actually harness the power of lightning from the sky. The hero ingredient is actually vitamin C, and the serum is packed with a whopping 20.5% of it. FYI: That is one of the highest concentrations on the market. The potent product helps to brighten your complexion, reduce pigmentation, even out the texture and even fade acne scars.

If you’re a fan of Korean beauty, you’ll like the Triple C Lightning Liquid even more because the product is actually a collaboration because Korean skincare brand CORSX and K-beauty website co-founder Charlotte Cho. Combine COSRX, Charlotte, Cho and vitamin C and you get the Triple C Lightning Liquid. (Get it?)

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What separates the Triple C Lightning Liquid from some of the other vitamin C serums on the market is that the product is created in very small patches in Korea to preserve the ingredients. This is extremely important as vitamin C is known for losing its effectiveness very quickly.

Other standout features include the  fact the product is made with only 10 ingredients. Besides vitamin C, it has licorice and black chokeberry. Lastly, we cannot forget about the price. The potent serum costs only $27. Considering some formulas with half the vitamin C percentage can cost double that, we’re getting a great deal.

Convinced? You can pick up your Charlotte Cho x COSRX Triple C Liquid Lightning from Soko Glam from April 11. And you can see for yourself what a difference a hit of vitamin C makes in your skincare regimen.