Michael Pitt as Jimmy Darmody on "Boardwalk Empire"

The New York Times Style section is always good for finding out what trends have been around for about three years already. Today, they published a short piece about a haircut that has been seen on young people since about 2007 in which the sides are buzzed and the top is kept long and floppy (that’s what she said).

The cut, West Village barber Sam Buffa tells the Times, is sometimes called the modified McSqueeb, the J. Edgar Hoover, the Jimmy Darmody — or, by a certain subset of hipster idiots, the “Hitler youth.” Why? Because the look is indeed reminiscent of aryan youth heiling the führer in 1930’s Germany.

The thing is, is that no one really gives a fuck how these kids — or, probably, grown men — wear their hair. Do that shit up however you want. But no matter how hilarious you think it is to be ironic about absolutely every fucking thing in your life, no matter how cool you think it is to be completely and totally disaffected, guess what? Some people who are still alive today were brutalized by those uproarious Hitler youth. Some people’s entire families were murdered.[tagbox tag=”hipster”]

So for the same reason that you shouldn’t dress up as a sexy Anne Frank, your stupid ass shouldn’t go into a barber shop requesting the “Hitler youth.” Check yourselves, hipsters of the world, and find a different description. Or just bring a picture, like the rest of us.