sparrow face

You know how “duck face” is one of the most annoying poses on the planet? For those readers who have managed to avoid this phenomenally awkward facial expression, it looks something like this. And it is always awful despite being so very ubiquitous with selfies. But hey, move over duck face, because there’s a new unnatural and inexplicably popular facial expression in town! It’s called “sparrow face” and it is not that much better than doing duck lips.

The pose involves opening your eyes as wide as possible, then purse your lips slightly while keeping them parted, like a “chirping sparrow.” Here’s an example:

sparrow face

I don’t really get the appeal; it sort of reminds me of when I was in middle school and I’d read that supermodels constantly blow lightly from their lips to get that Angelina Jolie-esque pout, except civilians (i.e. non-celebs) who try it just look exasperated and asthmatic. However, according to Kotaku, it’s blossoming into a big selfie trend in Japan:

In Japanese, “duck lips” are called “ahiru-guchi” (アヒル口) or literally “duck mouth.” This week, Twitter and Japan’s biggest online forum have been buzzing over the latest forced expression, which is called “chun-gao” (チュン顔) in Japanese. “Chun” refers to “chun chun” (チュンチュン), which is Japanese for “chirp” or “cheep.” ”Gao” (顔) means “face.” So, literally it’s “Chirp Face.”

Chirp face? Chirp face! Chirp face. Yeah, still sounds weird no matter how many times I repeat it. And it doesn’t seem to look much like a sparrow.

sparrow face

Wait, no, let’s selfie-fy this silly little bird:

sparrow selfie

Does it look as confused, bewildered and awkward as all the people trying to do this pose? Eh, not really. That said, it’s still infinitely better than duck face.

Zoolander duck face