Nicole by OPI custom colors for Kellogg's Special K.

Nicole by OPI custom colors for Kellogg’s Special K.

Nail polish can do a lot of things. It can stop runs in tights, stop frayed shoelaces from unraveling, and mark your stuff so your sister doesn’t steal it (that doesn’t actually work, she’ll take it anyway). But did you know it also empowers women? Yeah, that one’s a bit of a stretch.

Special K, the tasty cereal with the irritating ads about how much weight a person can lose if only she ate more cereal, has a nail polish collaboration with OPI. A cereal-themed nail polish seems like even more of a stretch than the Girls-themed polish collection Deborah Lippmann came out with, but Kellogg’s is far from the first strange bedfellow OPI has woken up next to.

“You know, it’s funny, Kellogg’s reached out to us, just as Dell did and as other non-beauty brands have had before,” said OPI founder Suzi Weiss-Fischman in an interview with The Daily Meal. “They understand what nail polish means for women — it empowers them. Women hold the power, and having a bold nail makes a statement. Men notice it, women notice it, and it makes you feel good about yourself.”

The Special K OPI nail polish collection was done through the Nicole by OPI spin-off brand, and includes three colors called Challenge Red-Y, Pros & Confidence, and Be Ama-Zing!

Like all the OPI polishes, this trio got their names from six people — the founders, two marketers, someone from purchasing, and a woman from customer service — who sit around a conference table and brainstorm puns. Pros & Confidence is a turquoisey blue, and Be Ama-Zing! is a bright pink. Challenge Red-Y is obvious.

This particular collaboration was created for a free nail polish promotion, where anyone who eats eight boxes of Special K (OK, you could also eat a bunch of their cereal bars or something) can redeem the giveaway codes for three bottles of free polish. Well, free-ish, because eight boxes of cereal probably cost something like $30. But if you give up early and turn back to food that isn’t cereal, three codes will get you a bottle of the red.

“Show off your confidence with exclusive Special K colors,” exhorts the Special K website.

Throwing around words like “confidence” and “empowers” about nail polish and diet plans is all kinds of mock-worthy, but the turquoise doesn’t suck, and a decent red is always useful to have around.

“What will you gain when you lose?” the website asks. Um, nail polish, I guess.

Via The Daily Meal

Photo: Nicole by OPI/PR Newswire