Spectrum Collections is back at it again. After launching a Sweetheart collection, a zodiac inspired one and making us go wild for rainbow brushes, the brand has revealed that it’s dropping another Disney collaboration. Minnie Mouse fans will be ecstatic to hear that the latest collection is dedicated to the most famous girl mouse.

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If you’re wondering about the first Disney range, Spectrum Collections previously launched a gorgeous Little Mermaid collection complete with sparkling cases with Ariel and Ursula and the Dinglehopper brushes.

The Spectrum Collections x Disney Minnie Mouse range is just as adorable. Instead of sticking with the classic black Minnie Mouse outline topped with her signature red bow, Spectrum Collections has put its own twist on things by giving Minnie a pale pink bow decorated with multicolored polka dots. The range is pink heavy with metallic pink accessories including what looks like a studded strap bag and a fanny pack. There’s also a white bag with multicolored polka dots and a Minnie Mouse key chain.

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Of course we cannot forget about brushes. The Minnie Mouse collection features a set of eight different colored brushes. Based on the photos there looks to be a brush for every facial feature. Each brush has its own color with a coordinating brush head so it’s easy to remember what brush to use for what feature. And when you lay them out together they form a pastel rainbow. To ensure you get a flawless makeup look, there’s a Minnie Mouse head-shaped mirror with a long handle.

If you want the Minnie Mouse brushes, Spectrum Collections announced that the collection will launch August 8 at its new Carnaby store in London. It will then drop online on August 9 at 12 PM for UK, European and Australian companies. If you’re wondering where that leaves you, you might have to pay a trip across the pond to one of the previously mentioned countries. Although Spectrum Collections ships its brushes worldwide, the Disney collections haven’t been available for all. Fingers crossed that changes because these brushes are too cute to miss out on.