Halloween is coming up fast. If you haven’t tried some themed nail art yet, what are you waiting for? You could try a witch manicure, a skeleton one or a classic pumpkin one. Or, you could play on everyone’s fear of spiders with a a spiderweb or spider themed manicure. It might be a very specific theme, but there are a lot of variations with each one being creepier than the next.

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Scroll down to see the spookiest spider and spiderweb manicure for Halloween:

1. Electric Green and Black Spider Nails

That neon green color has a witch’s potion vibe. Plus, it makes the black design pop.


2. Pink and Black Spiderweb Nails

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A pale pink background against the black is girly meets spooky. The faded web design is also a nice touch.


3. White and Nude Spiderweb Nails

Outubro: mês das unhas para o Halloween ? ? #Repost @jessiedoesnails (@get_repost) ・・・ You guys know about the spider who works in IT? He does such incredible web design. ?? I’ve been on a bit of a negative space kick lately and couldn’t wait to incorporate it into some Halloween designs. I stamped the webs with images from plate 10 (@ciciandsisi_official) using “white” (@mundodeunas) over OPI’s Nail Envy nail strengthener. Spiders are courtesy of images from plates HK-11 (@cosette.nail.shop) and SH206 (@shanycosmetics). Finally, this is made perfectly matte using “We’re all Matte Here” (@ninezerolacquer), my go-to and favorite matte topcoat. ?? #nailart #Halloweennails #unhasHalloween #spidernails #spidernailart #spiders #nails #unhas #uñas #Halloween #nails2inspire #nailsInsta #Instanails

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Here’s a more minimalist spiderweb nail design that’s anything but basic.


4. Sparkly Navy and White Spider Nails

The sparkly navy nail polish evokes a night sky. And check out that orange and yellow spider.


5. Green and Black Spider Nails

These spiders are adorbs thanks to the green background and their oversized eyes.


6. Gray and Black Spiderweb Nails 

Try different web designs on each finger then stick a spider on one accent nail.


7. French Manicure Spiders

Make a French manicure a lot creepier with black spiders “crawling” all over it.


8. Black and Lilac Spider Accent Nail

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Here’s your proof that purple and sparkles can actually be very creepy.


9. Green, Black and White Spider Nails

These 3D green spiders look like they’re radioactive…and like they’re about to crawl off the nails.


10. Sparkly Purple, White and Black Spider Nails

The thick white spider web against the glittery purple background is a refreshing change.


11. Red and Black Spider Nails

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These have a Spider-Man vibe thanks to the bold red background.


12. Black and White Spider Nails

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Remember: You don’t need to go overly complicated with your spider’s web design.


13. Yellow and Black Spider Nails

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Yellow isn’t the first color that comes to mind for a spider manicure, but it works.