Kate Upton and Irina Shayk in Las Vegas yesterday (via Getty)

NYMag’s Grub Street attended the release party for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and winkingly asked a bunch of the models–Kate Upton, Irina Shayk, Bar Refaeli, Anne V and more–what their favorite desserts were. Here are some responses that struck us:

Bar Refaeli: “I can never say no to white chocolate. I don’t really like regular chocolate, but white chocolate, even if I don’t want it, I’ll have it. I can’t say no.”

Irina Shayk: “I love sweets. Chocolates, cookies, I eat everything, cakes. Whatever I see I try it.”

Alyssa Miller: “I am such a sweets person. I love anything sweet. I love cookies; cookies are my favorite. Anything chocolate – basically anything. You give me anything sweet and I will eat it, in immensely large portions. I’m obsessed with chocolate chip cookies. It’s like a comfort food for me. I love it.”

Michelle Vawer: “I’m definitely a chocolate lover: cake, chocolate cake, like a chocolate soufflé cake, I cannot resist. That’s probably my major weakness. You know, if you have hot, gooey chocolate, I can’t help but shove it in my face.”

You can read the rest of them over at NYMag, but we just wanted to point a few things out: 1) Obviously, we don’t think all models starve themselves, 2) we know full-well that some models are naturally thin! and 3) we still think it’s silly when a bunch of them get together and say things like this.

These ladies obviously work very hard on their bodies (their individual workout routines are widely publicized) so we think it rings kind of hollow when supermodels insist they helplessly glom cakes and the sight of white chocolate turns them into craven monsters.

Oh. And what of “controversial figure” Kate Upton?

“I try to eat healthy all the time but maybe once a week have whatever I need to have. It depends on my mood; it could be a cupcake, it could be fries. It doesn’t matter.”

That sounds more believable. Upton may be refreshing in more ways than one.

(Grub Street)