“Gangnam Style” who? For those of you who’ve been living under a rock, the “Harlem Shake” meme is the new best thing ever (also: get some wifi for your rock, man, you’re missing everything). It’s essentially the Macarena plus planking on acid for the YouTube generation, and within the past week, it’s become the biggest thing on the Internet, period. The accompanying song by Baauer is simple, there’s no dance routine and almost all videos are around 30 seconds, making it excellent for all your cray cray folks who can’t pay attention for longer than that but love them memes. Buzzfeed has done it, Seacrest has done it, this men’s swim team has done it.

The order all videos are done in is completely simple:

  1. A bunch of people are hanging out when the song starts, but only one person (most likely wearing a helmet or mask of some sort) is dancing to it.
  2. Nobody else is paying attention.
  3. When the beat drops, the video jump cuts to the same frame, but with everybody going as completely batshit insane as they possibly can.

A perfect example (and one of my favorites) was done by indie group Matt & Kim.

Awesome, right? Yes. You know you kind of love it, don’t lie. Plus, it’s easy enough for literally anybody to do (just look at this adorable family!…which is totally NSFW). Sadly, it is apparently not a game everybody can play, as this year’s Sports Illustrated swimsuit models kinda just…sucked at it. We can’t post the video here, but please, check it out here on Fox 5 Vegas.

First of all, they’re all staring at the camera, clearly aware of it and just kinda waiting for the beat. Yes, I know that sounds douchey. Second, this camera is moving around, which makes the whole anticipation thing infinitely less cool and just plain isn’t part of the meme. And yes, I know I’m being picky. Third, you’re supposed to go totally “Pon de Floor,” daggering, grinding, jumping, wobbling wild. Half the people at the end are just kinda awkwardly nodding like your mom did when you were a kid and turned on a rap song with innuendos she didn’t understand.

Part of my disappointment is just the result of already established high expectations for Ms. Upton (well, mostly). She captured our hearts by doing the Dougie and posting it for all to see, and now she’s part of the only group to kinda fail at the Harlem Shake meme. Sigh. And I had such great hopes for your Internet career, Kate! Ugh, I guess you’ll just have to continue on that backup career of modeling…

Photo: Judy Eddy/