Spring is in the air! The Midwest almost hit 90 degrees last week. That means that it’s officially time for pastels and florals to dominate your wardrobe. Baby pink and lavender, here I come!

Being a nice down-home farm girl, there’s one quintessential spring fashion statement that you can’t escape from. Here where we actually have wildflowers growing within a mile of our home, grown women still choose to put flowers in their hair.

I know what you’re thinking. Indiana isn’t Hawaii. How do we get away with this tropical fashion statement without looking like a little kid? After all, young children can wear flowers at any time and be adorable. But grown women? Walking around their day to day life with… flowers?

No, I’m not just talking about weddings and proms either. Honestly, I’m referring to a normal person running to the grocery store. Except she has a flower in her hair. It’s cute and springy and I promise that it can be done without looking immature or out-of-place. Here’s how.