Hue nail polish

I have always been awful at picking nail polish for myself. I am that girl in every manicure salon who absolutely cannot decide whether she wants watermelon or honeydew green for her big night out, finally opts for the latter and then winds up going with a “classic red.” Yes, I cannot stand myself, either.

Enter: SquareHue. This monthly mani subscription site takes the guesswork out of picking the perfect polishes.* Rather than aimlessly wandering the drugstore aisles, subscribers of the $15 monthly service (plus $5 shipping) receive three preselected polishes per month.

Even better than the setup is that SquareHue also donates a portion of its profits toward organizations fighting for causes that the company feels compelled to stand behind. Right now, according to its site, money “will be donated for prevention awareness, the protection of trafficked victims and the prosecution of human traffickers” via the A21 Campaign.

While fashion is no stranger to companies that donate proceeds toward specific causes, it is nice to see a smaller, newer company do it. Plus, the polishes are seasonally appropriate and very wearable on all skin tones. If you’re in doubt at all of the loveliness of these sets, just check out June 2013’s gorgeous trio or the April 2013 “Bloom” Collection, also shown above.

*Yes, there is so much alliteration in this sing-song sentence, I am cringing, too. And yet, there it stays.

Photo: SquareHue’s Facebook.