New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this ? #melovemealot vibezz

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Do you struggle to get your brows straight no matter what hacks you try? Then the squiggle brow trend might be the solution for you. Or at the very least, it will provide you with some awesome Halloween makeup inspiration.

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POPSUGAR reported on the look after beauty blogger Promise Tang posted a photo of herself on Instagram rocking squiggly brows and an equally curvy lipstick look. Promise’s natural brows were concealed and replaced by a black squiggly line. She accentuated the look with lilac eyeshadow and major purple lashes.

The curvy brows are something that many of us wouldn’t be able to get away with on your average Monday morning, but they could be a fun look for a night out. They also have Instagram appeal like many other brow trends including feather brows, dragon brows and brow carving.

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And if the squiggly eyebrows are too out there for you for everyday, you can remember the look for Halloween. It has a villainous vibe that would be perfect for October 31 and it is a lot easier to do than a lot of the special effects makeup that is floating around online.