It hasn’t even been a week since squiggle brows started blowing up on Instagram, but makeup artists have already taken the look as a jumping off point to develop a new beauty trend: Squiggle lips.

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Squiggle lips basically take all of the rules we’ve been taught about applying flawless lipstick and throw them out the window. Instead of lining your lips precisely around their perimeter with a smooth line, you go outside your natural lip line and draw a dramatic wavy line. Some makeup artists choose to keep a uniform squiggle shape while overs get more creative with sweeping lines that alter in size and shape.

Then there is the consideration of lip colors. You can use a coordinating lip liner and lip color or you can really enhance the wavy lip look by using a contrasting lip liner. You could even throw some glitter into the mix, if you’re feeling inspired.

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And if you’re wondering where you could possibly wear the squiggle lips beauty trend outside of the world of Instagram, remember that Halloween is going to be here before we know it.