st. patrick's dayWe’ve already gone over how you’re going to get laid tonight, but what about tomorrow? St. Patrick’s Day is going to do a number on your body and head. Although I’ve always felt that a proper hangover can actually make you look good, it doesn’t change the misery you feel. You can tell yourself you’re not going to get that drunk, but really? Who are you kidding? It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

So, since you know your willpower is useless and you’re going to over-indulge no matter what you promise yourself right now, you might as well prepare. You know, just in case you can’t stick to your promise, because you never do anyway. Lush. I kid!

Before you head out for the day to drink green beer and do Irish whiskey shots, you need to think ahead to tomorrow right now. Take notes, my loves! You’ll be happy you did.