jennifer lawrence fat

Oh my goodness, Stanley Tucci! Look at you talking about Jennifer Lawrence‘s fat!

Or rather, how her fat is non-existent, and the fact that anyone is saying she is too fat for the Hunger Games is crazy. Oh, sorry, not “fat”. She’s just “big boned”. Tucci, who plays the talk-show host Caesar Flickerman in the Hunger Games told Buzzfeed:

“”Big-boned? They should go make their own movie! That’s it, that’s all you can say. That’s ridiculous, a ridiculous statement. I think [Jennifer Lawrence] is great, no matter how big her bones are, and they’re not big! She’s gorgeous.”

If you need confirmation of this fact, please see the above picture of Jennifer Lawrence. For the record, this is not fat by the stretch of any sensible imagination.

You know who seems sensible? Stanley Tucci. Good for you for being a decent, perceptive human being, Stanley Tucci. Gold stars!