Let’s face it: Weather is really tough on curly hair — especially when we don’t know how to handle it.

Zuma Press

So, imagine you have curly hair and have to compete in the Olympics. In a winter, cold, snowy, unpredictable climate. One where you’ll likely to have to wear a sweaty cap as well!

Way too sporty for me.

The 2010 Olympic Games close this weekend with gold, silver, bronze and award winning curls. (How’d you like THAT pun? I think that’s Olympic worthy…)

For those of you keeping track, Half Pipe beauty Gretchen Bleiler sailed down Cypress Mountain with cool, curl perfection.

Now, you can’t see from this image — I guess Olympic rules dictate said annoying cap — but Gretchen has super curly locks. And even if day-to-day life is not as extreme as Gretchen’s – weather and stress takes it toll on tresses.

A great tip: Ouidad Moisture Lock ($22) Leave-In Conditioner. It creates a moisture foundation by infusing individual strands with conditioning proteins vital to healthy hair so styling waves and curls doesn’t have be an uphill battle.

“The ultimate way to combat frizz is to use a styling lotion that works with moisture in the air such as Ouidad Moisture Lock – by drawing moisture from the air and creating a protective barrier against moisture loss it allows intense moisturizing to restore damage without weighing hair down” says Ouidad herself. (Also known as the Queen of Curl — can’t beat that!)