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Are you ready to never get another beauty treatment, ever, as long as you live? You will be after you hear this terrifying story.

Basically, a woman went in for a $20,000 stem cell treatment facelift at a Beverly Hills Salon. And then she started hearing crunching noises every time she closed her right eye.

That is because she was growing bones in her eye.

According to Boing Boing:

The doctors extracted mesenchymal stem cells—which can turn into bone, cartilage or fat, among other tissues—and injected those cells back into her face, especially around her eyes. The procedure cost her more than $20,000, Wu recollects. Such face-lifts supposedly rejuvenate the skin because stem cells turn into brand-new tissue and release chemicals that help heal aging cells and stimulate nearby cells to proliferate.


During the face-lift her clinicians had also injected some dermal filler, which plastic surgeons have safely used for more than 20 years to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The principal component of such fillers is calcium hydroxylapatite, a mineral with which cell biologists encourage mesenchymal stem cells to turn into bone—a fact that escaped the woman’s clinicians. Wu thinks this unanticipated interaction explains her predicament. He successfully removed the pieces of bone from her eyelid in 2009 and says she is doing well today, but some living stem cells may linger in her face. These cells could turn into bone or other out-of-place tissues once again.

This woman could, at any moment, begin sprouting bones out of her eyeball again. I do not know that I can actually imagine anything, beauty related, that is more terrifying than this. I mean, I can imagine genocides. But in terms of beauty treatments, I’ve got nothing. You?

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