Shimmery and holographic are two of our favorite highlighter finishes, but glazed, dewy skin is a finish that is becoming more and more popular. Stila Cosmetics is taking the look to the next level with the launch of its Heaven’s Dew Highlighter ($25) which features a wet effect.

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Stila Cosmetics already has Heaven’s Hue Highlighters but the Heaven’s Dew Highlighter is different. The latter has a glittery wet effect that’s unlike the majority of the highlighters in your makeup bag. (In contrast, the Heaven’s Hue Highlighters have a bouncy, putty-like consistency and deliver soft, barely there shimmer.)

The Heaven’s Dew Highlighter made its runway debut at the Frankie’s Bikinis Resort 2019 show and proved that a wet-look finish is perfect for the summer season. The innovative highlighter is described as an “all-over hybrid cream/powder enhancer that adds a glossy, glistening sparkle to the face, eyes, lips and body.” The key thing is that it adds a glazen, “wet” finish without actually being wet, tacky or sticky.

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The Stila Heaven’s Dew Highlighter is currently only available in Silverlake, a glittery silver shade, but it’s a flattering shade that could be applied to any skin tone and worked into almost any makeup look.

The highlighter originally launched as a Sephora VIB Rouge exclusive. Now anyone can achieve a glossy, wet-look finish because it’s available for everyone to shop at Sephora. Try it and you might never look at your other highlighters the same way.