There are a lot of ways to scare people on Halloween. The classic is jumping out at someone while wearing a creepy mask. There are also tons of scary movies to choose from or the good old turning the lights off and on. If you want to creep people out with your makeup, you cannot go wrong with a stitched mouth. Stitches in general freak a lot of people out, so when you take them to the next level on Halloween with some fake blood, pus, and ripped flesh, you have a look that is guaranteed to give people nightmares.

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Have a look at 12 stitched mouth makeup tutorials that will frighten everyone on Halloween:

1. Bloody Tears and Stitched Mouth

There are no pretty details here and we mean that as a compliment.


2. Stitches Mouth and Head

We have stitches galore in this creepy look.


3. Stitched Mouth and Button Eyes

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This probably isn’t the cute doll look you were thinking of.


4. Skeleton Stitched Mouth

Stitched up mouth for Halloween ???? I was inspired by the beautiful and talented @make_malvina_up ? and one of my favorite YouTube girls @shaaanxo ❤️️ Go and have a look at my friends @make_malvina_up account, she does super great looks ??❤️️ • Makeup details: @benefitcosmetics Goof Proof pencil in no. 4 and Gimme Brow in no. 3 • @bhcosmetics Modern Mattes Palette • @nyxcosmetics Vinyl liquid eyeliner in black and Retractable Lipliner in Red • @hanadibeautycosmetics @hanadibeauty Farah lashes • @asos @asos_de Halloween flower headband • • #halloweenmakeup #stitchedmouth #halloween2017 #nyxcosmetics #benefitcosmetics #benefitbrows #bhcosmetics #asos #makeupartist #mua_underdogs #featuring_mua #underratedmuas #greekmua #makeupartistsworldwide #wakeupandmakeup #dressyourface #shaaanxo #beautyfacesbyzoi #vegas_nay #hanadibeauty #fiercesociety #phamousmedia #maryhadalittleglam #undiscovered_muas #undiscoveredmuas #specialeffectsmakeup #talkthatmakeup #instamakeup #slave2makeup #makeupslayageworldwide

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We’ve got a bit of everything in this look.


5. Stitched Mouth and Black Teeth



6. Stitched Mouth

Against a minimalist makeup look, the freshly sewn stitches really stand out.


7. X Stitched Mouth

Remember that you can play around with the kind of stitches in your special effects makeup.


8. Stitched Eyes and Mouth

Make it doubly creepy with stitched eyes.


9. Skeleton Stitched Mouth

Don’t feel like gluing on stitches? Draw them on.


10. Black Lipstick and Stitched Mouth

The dark lipstick makes the stitches even creepier. And then there is that head wound…


11. Bloody Stitched Mouth

Yes, there are stitches in there.


12. Extra-Long Stitched Mouth

Talk about surgery gone wrong.