Care Bears countdown! Looking to relive your favorite ’80s TV show in a different way than snuggling up with your favorite Care Bear? You’re going to want to be keeping an eye on Storybooks Cosmetics because the beauty brand is launching a Care Bears collection in honor of Care Bear’s 35(!)th anniversary.

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Storybooks Cosmetics has already given us some fantastical collections including rose makeup brushes, dragon lipsticks and wizard-approved beauty products, but the Care Bears collection is for those who cannot get enough of 1980s nostalgia.

Storybook Cosmetics made the announcement on Instagram (where else?) that it would be launching the makeup range. Instead of the typical product teaser, the brand announced the collection with a huge giveaway featuring the new Rainbow Heart Bear to commemorate Care Bear’s 35th anniversary.

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Details about the Storybook Cosmetics Care Bears range are scarce.  However, Popsugar reported that the collection will feature rainbow highlighter (duh), pigments and lipsticks. Presumably, the collection will feature plenty of pastels given Care Bears’ signature colors, but we’ll have to wait and see to find out for sure.

Fingers crossed that Storybook Cosmetics unveils some more information—and hopefully a few product teasers—on Care Bears’ Day on September 9. Sharing is caring, after all.