Game of Thrones fans might be going into withdrawal after the show’s season finale. (No spoilers here, we promise.) But Storybook Cosmeticsrecent Instagram post of its updated Dragon Lipsticks will give you something fantastical to focus on.

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Storybook Cosmetics fans might remember that the beauty brand gave us a glimpse of the fierce lipsticks way back in March 2017. The original post showed three metallic lipsticks with a dragon scale effect on the cases. There was a silver case with a red lipstick inside and a gold case and a copper one. We didn’t get to see the lipstick shades that were in the last two, but we were still very excited for the lippies. They weren’t sponsored, endorsed or licensed by any literary or visual material, but they had a fierce vibe to help us channel our inner Daenerys Targaryrns.

The Storybook Cosmetics Dragon Lipsticks were originally supposed to drop in Fall 2017, but Storybook’s latest Instagram post reveals that they have been pushed back for a Holiday 2017 launch or one in early 2018. In the post, the brand highlighted that they had to rework the prototype, but it has been approved.

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While we wait for more details on the dragon lipsticks, you can always make like a fierce dragon with the dragon eyebrows trend or by picking up something from the Game of Thrones clothing line.