If there’s one thing that the beauty world loves more than collaborations, it’s a themed collection. Give us mermaids, unicorns, Happy Potter, crayons, you name it, and we’ll be very happy. There are lots brands creating swoon-worthy themed makeup collections, but no one does them quite like Storybook Cosmetics. That’s why we were very excited when the beauty brand revealed that it could potentially be making a Game of Thrones line.

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Storybook Cosmetics recently took to Instagram to share mock-ups of what its potential Game of Thrones collection would look like, and it’s safe to say that Daernerys would definitely approve. There is a sword makeup brush, you guys. Add in a stunning eyeshadow palettes, three dragon egg-inspired lipsticks and a metallic compact with packaging that reassembles the Iron Throne and you have a collection that’s as fierce as any dragon.

Unfortunately, the collection depends on whether HBO will sell Storybook Cosmetics the licensing rights to the show. Let’s cross our fingers (and our toes) that this happens because the collection would be just the thing to keep GoT fans amused until the next series and next book finally come out.

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