On Wednesdays we wear Storybook Cosmetics. – Fall 2017

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Storybook Cosmetics has continued to feed our obsession with dragons, wizards and even roses. For its latest launch, the brand is launching a Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette that is guaranteed to please all Mean Girls lovers. And it is like, so, fetch.

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The Mean Girls Burn Book Eyeshadow Palette is especially exciting because Storybook Cosmetics has secured licensing from Paramount to produce the grool palette. Unfortunately, Storybook Cosmetics didn’t release any photos or swatches of the actual palette, but POPSUGAR
reported that the palette will feature 12 different shades. And we can practically guarantee that there will be one or two pink ones. And possibly even a shade representing the beloved Glen Coco.

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We can find out for sure what the Mean Girls Burn Book Palette has inside of it when it launches October 3. In the mean time, watch this space for updates.