Storybook Cosmetics has created some amazing collections that have been inspired by our favorite movies, TV shows, books and more. Out of all the collections, the Mean Girls makeup range is undoubtedly the most fetch of them all. If you’ve already got your Burn Book Palette ($55) and are looking for something else to expand your collection with, Storybook Cosmetics is working on a new collection.

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The beauty brand made the exciting announcement on Instagram. In true Mean Girls fashion, Storybook Cosmetics explained, “Our hair is full of secrets! Storybook Mean Girls (a NEW collection 2018).” Unfortunately, the brand didn’t reveal too much more than that. They did post an adorable illustration to go along with the announcement. It featured plenty of pink and had a graphic of lipstick kisses, lipstick, blush, gloss and the Storybook logo. The message read, “We are trying to make ‘fetch’ happen…again.”

Some will likely wonder whether the lipstick, blush and lip gloss illustrations are clues to what could be in the collection, but we’ll have to wait for more teasers until we can find out for sure.

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Fans will remember the last Mean Girls x Storybook Cosmetics collaboration was an official partnership between the beauty brand and Paramount Pictures. This one appears to be the same as the Paramount logo was featured on the announcement.

We’ll be keeping you updated with every detail of the grool collection. Given that the year is halfway over and they promised the range would drop in 2018, we should be getting it fairly soon.