On Wednesdays, we wear Mean Girls Makeup. ? (Tentative idea, all depends on licensing ??)

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There are a lot of Mean Girls items that you can get. We’re not just talking about general things you can pick up for Pink Wednesday, we’re also talking about Mean Girls items that range from doormats (really) to baby clothes (really). There are a ton of things to choose from, but one thing sorely lacking is Mean Girls makeup. Thankfully, that could be changing if Storybook Cosmetics make its Mean Girls palette happen.

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Storybook Cosmetics, aka the geniuses behind the Harry Potter makeup brushes, recently posted a photo on Instagram of a Mean Girls palette that is currently a “tentative idea” pending licensing. Gretchen may not have made “fetch” happen, but we’re praying that this palette does. It is basically a Mean Girls fan’s dream come true.

The illustration of the Mean Girls palette shows it housed in a burn book package. When you flip it open, you get a hot pink inside filled with a range of colorful shades you will recognize. Of course there is a pale pink shade called “Wednesday.” Then you have a medium brown shade called “Glen Coco” and a gray named “Mouse…Duh.”

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The palette would feature eight shades in total so you would be able to create a wide variety of looks. You could go for a classic Regina George look, or you could even experiment with your own Janis Ian beauty look.

The Mean Girls palette may be still in the idea stage, but if the 6,100 people who liked the photo have anything to do about it, the grool palette could be coming to us faster than it takes for Kevin G to bust a rap.