It doesn’t matter whether you got flowers for Valentine’s Day or not, because there is a new “flower” that you will be swooning over. Storybook Cosmetics is launching a rose-inspired makeup brush and it is as gorgeous as any real bloom.

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The beauty brand took to Instagram to share an update of what the “What’s In A Name” rose makeup brush is going to look like. Based on the Instagram sneak peek, flower fans are going to be very excited. The brush features a long green stem complete with red bristles on the end.

The brand did note that the red brush bristles will actually be darker in the final product and that they are extending the ferrule (the ring/cap that strengthens the makeup brush) so the faux leaves won’t scratch our faces. However, this prototype is enough to make us very excited.

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If you’ve been following Storybook Cosmetics on Instagram, you will remember that the brand teased the “What’s In A Name” collection at the end of 2016. Literary fans will recall that the brush is inspired by Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo & Juliet. (No, not The Bachelor.)

Unfortunately, Storybook Cosmetics did not give us a date when the final “What’s In A Name” rose makeup brush will be available to buy, but at least we know it’s on its way. We’ll be keeping our eyes on Instagram for sneak peeks of the final product and the launch date. Stay tuned.