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While our culture is making some progress towards accepting a wider range of body types, colors, and shapes, women are still viewed as works in progress. There’s always something about us that needs to be changed, addressed, apologized for. For a lot of people, stretch marks are a big source of insecurity. Thankfully, though, there are people in this world who are taking action to repair the relationship between women and their skin. Love Your Lines is about to become your favorite Instagram account!

Created by two anonymous moms, this project asks women to submit photos of their stretch marks to be showcased in an artful black and white gallery. In the caption for their first post, the showrunners explain their vision:

#LoveYourLines is a social media photo campaign to help showcase the beauty of the female body. This account is curated by two mommas hoping to make a difference in the world of the female body image. All women of different shapes, sizes and cultural backgrounds are encouraged to submit. We can’t wait to see your love lines!

I love it. This might not seem like a radical idea to some, but for women who’ve been taught to feel ashamed of their skin, it can be really healing to see beautiful photos of what the world considers imperfections.

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Perhaps even more interesting than the photos themselves are the captions that accompany them. One woman shares the story of how her kidney failure caused her to rapidly gain weight, and how her stretch marks remind her of the battle she won. Another woman shares her personal struggles with body image, and how it took her a long time to accept that the lines on her body don’t define anything about her. It’s inspiring, it’s relatable, and it’s a safe space.

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It’s always great to see something encouraging and positive making a splash on the internet, and I’d love for @loveyourlines to get the attention it deserves. Be sure to check it out! It’ll feel good. I promise.

Via Huff Post / Photos: @loveyourlines on Instagram