We’re not really adventurous when it comes to nails, but we’re still able to be impressed by all the weird creations nail bloggers dream up. One such nail blogger, The Nailsaurus, has challenged herself to 31 days of different designs. The first blocks are pretty straight forward (colors, patterns) but the third block is “inspired by.” For Day 25, she chose to be inspired by fashion and came across a simple, studded sheath by Michael Kors:

We would never look at this dress and imagine its potential for nail art, which is probably why we’re not in the business of nail blogging.

…However, this kind of floored us:

Pretty striking, right? We would surely fail at replicating the look, but of course she makes it sound so easy: “I used W7 Black as a base colour then slicked on GOSH top coat and placed on the bullion before it dried. I used a top coat of NYC to seal it all in.”

What do you think? Would you try DIY studded nails?

(Nailasaurus via StyleList)