In case you hate reading a white slanty font against a dark background, the quote reads as follows:

The night after the shoot I had like blue hair in finger waves and I went to meet Marilyn at Nobu and when I walked in they thought I was Charlize Theron. Oh and I also did go-sees for Calvin Klein. I showed up and the guy was like what have you been modeling for a minute? And I was like, yeah.

Truly, the voice of a generation.

The philistines at The New York Times say that this quote “suggests she will never be known as the Joan Didion of her trade,” which misses the point entirely. Lindsey Wixson never desired to ape Didon’s coldly meticulous lines of argument. Why should she? On the contrary, this quote captures an exciting, stream-of-consciousness style that takes more than a little from the Beat Generation. That’s right: Lindsey Wixson is the fashion industry’s answer to Jack Kerouac. It’s almost as if he took some time off from boozing, brooding, and being dead to speak through the mouth of this astute, cherry-lipped channel. Lindsey Wixson is a fucking medium!

The question remains, though: who is the model version of Joan Didion? I nominate Zombie Boy.