Do you know about sugaring? It is basically the same thing as waxing – with two main differences – no heat required, and easy to wash away mess. The concept is the same as waxing – spread a thick sticky substance over your skin, apply a strip, and zip it off. Works great!

I first tried sugaring in the day spa where I worked for several years, and it really works just as well as hot wax, with minimal fuss. Sugaring at home is a little different process, but for the most part works just as well. Now, I have to say, that sugaring solves all of the classic problems with waxing – no burning yourself, and no permanent spots of wax on your clothes, counters, floors…but it does lack the ease of the Wax Strips I talked about last week. I am sticking with my original analysis that those are the greatest invention since – well, since my favorite pore sucking machine. But, if you need an alternative to the wax strips, Parissa also makes a very nifty sugaring kit as well. An easy to manipulate, palm sized ball of sugar that you roll onto your skin. This is as easy as this method gets, and this Parissa kit sells for $19.95 at